Geometric wood flooring elevates store design

Tradition and the latest trends fit together perfectly in the refurbishment of leading German fashion retailer Leffers Oldenburg store, designed by Blocher Blocher Partners and completed in summer 2016. Key to the re-design of the second floor menswear showroom is this innovative wood flooring by Hain. The bold geometry of the flooring underscores the unusual spatial concept of the store.

The custom-made boards are impressive because of their unusual trapezoidal shapes, whose expressive forms are emphasized by the character of the oak.

Hain trapeziod oak flooring 2
Hain trapezoid oak flooring

This flooring can be supplied finished with the same Kashmir grey natural oil finish as used for the Leffers store or in other colours from the Hain range of finishes, or in a mixture of colour finishes to create an even bolder geometric effect. The individual component pieces are supplied loose and installed in the trapezoid pattern on site; the same components could be laid in other patterns.

The advantages of oak floors are their natural hardness and elasticity, ensuring a durable and long-lasting floor even in areas with high foot traffic. The design floor laid at the Leffers store is also an excellent choice for ecological reasons as the wood used comes exclusively from sustainably managed European forests.