We're passionate about wood flooring and we specialise in finding the right wood floor for your project requirements. We work with leading European manufacturers who combine a wealth of tradition and experience of working in timber with the latest manufacturing techniques and floor finishes to produce our collection of innovative, inspiring parquet and wide plank wood flooring.

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tilo single plank wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring with timeless appeal

wood, cork and lino flooring

Wood flooring fits perfectly in any interior, with a choice of styles from traditional herringbone and chevron parquet floors and long planks to geometric patterned floors such as industrial parquet and bespoke geometric floors. Our flooring comes in all sizes and colours and in a huge range of timbers and coloured finishes offering a colour palette from bright whites to rich dark tones. If you are looking for something different we have engineered cork and natural linoleum floors too!

Traditionally, wood flooring was a clever way to make use of strips of valuable hardwood too small for furniture to make beautiful parquet floors. Our modern wooden parquet floors come as precision machined engineered herringbone or chevron, factory finished for quick, mess-free installation. Engineered wide planks have also largely replaced solid wood boards as engineered wood flooring is more stable, reducing the liklihood of 'gapping' (shrinking so there are visible gaps between the boards) and warping. This extra stability makes wide engineered wood flooring fine to use over under floor heating, as long as the manufacturer's recommendations are followed. The alternative to single plank wood floors are multi strip engineered boards such as 3-strip and industrial parquet floors; these are wide engineered boards with a surface made using small narrow hardwood strips for a lower cost real wood floor that looks great.

Wood flooring and cork and lino floors are excellent choices for allergy sufferers as they are easy to keep dust free and are made using natural materials with very low chemical emissions.


wide plank wood flooring

Wide single strip engineered wood flooring in oak, walnut, ash and many other timbers. Our flooring is available in widths from 150mm to 350mm and lengths up to 7.5m to fit any size of room.

Parquet wood flooring

Create beautiful herringbone and chevron wood floors with our parquet wood flooring. Engineered parquet in a range of sizes from small blocks to supersize herringbone, or traditional solid oak parquet blocks. Choose from oak, smoked oak, ash, walnut and many other timbers.


NARROW strip wood flooring

On-trend narrow single strip engineered wood flooring in oak, walnut, ash and many other timbers. Fantastic flooring for residential and commercial projects, in widths from 90mm to 140mm.

Multi-strip wood floorING

Industrial parquet and 3-strip boards offer an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to single plank flooring, and these engineered wood floors are quick and easy to lay. Available in oak and many other timbers.



Re-think cork and natural linoleum flooring - tilo's engineered flooring with a high quality varnish finish makes installation quick and easy. Softer and quieter than wood flooring, and 100% natural: perfect for work spaces and rooms for children.